Holiday Harbor Lodge on North Hero Island and the shore of beautiful Lake Champlain in North Hero,  Printable Vermont.

HOLIDAY HARBOR LODGE offers different styles of accommodations

Standard (motel-style)

Standard (mini-kitchen)

Lakeside (full kitchen)

Rates:  ROOM RATES+tax January 2021Revision1   (Printable of Pricing for Multiple days/Weekly Stays)

Accommodation Descriptions & Per Day/Weekly Rate

Standard rooms (motel-style): (1 and 2 bedrooms) have a screened porch,  A/C, Wi-Fi, small fridge, microwave, k-cup coffee, Cable TV, picnic table and grill.
Rate per night: $150.00 + tax = $165.00

Standard rooms (motel-style w/mini-kitchen): rooms (1 bedroom) have a screened porch,  A/C, Wi-Fi, small fridge, sink, dishes and flatware, microwave, K-cup coffee, Cable TV, picnic table and grill.
Rate per Night $150.00 + tax = $165.00
**Standard Rooms Weekly: Six nights/ Weekly rate: $900.00 + tax = $990.00

Waterfront/Lakeside full kitchen (1 and 2 bedroom) rooms have a full-sized stove and fridge, all cooking and eating utensils, A/C, Wi-Fi, living room with gas fireplace, insulated porch, K-cup coffee, Cable TV, picnic table and grill.

   Waterfront Two Bedroom Rooms #8-9-10-12:
One night  $215.00 + tax = $236.00 up to 4 max
**Six nights/Weekly rate: $1290.00 + tax = $1420.00 up to 4 max

   Waterfront  Three Bedroom Rooms #7 and #11:
One night  $290.00 + tax = $320.00
**Six nights/Weekly rate: $1740.00 + tax = $1915.00

Generally, the lakeside full-kitchen units require weekly reservations between Memorial Day and Labor Day:  (Sat. to Sat.)    Occasionally, there are lakeside rooms available for a shorter stay. Standard units are available on a night-to-night basis with a two-night minimum on weekends during high season.   Please call to inquire about availability.  Check-out is 10:00 a.m.  Check-in is 2:00 p.m.

We are pleased to accommodate large and small groups.   While smoking is permitted on the grounds, all rooms are non-smoking rooms.  We cannot accommodate pets.

We invite you to come and rest at Holiday Harbor Lodge to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Lake Champlain Islands.

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Holiday Harbor Lodge  North Hero, Vermont

** Weekly Rates